Debra Benson


You Don’t Need to Play It Small and Safe

You don’t really want to play it small and safe even though you are a new service based business. Why? Because you need to be taking action to get the results that will help you reach your goal of living a life on your own terms. You may say, “Once I’m really clear about who…

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Letting Go to Grow

Letting go in order to grow your biz. Letting go of your fear to be visible. Letting go of your self-doubt you have value. Letting go of the not good enough behavior to show up in the market place. Free up your thoughts to move forward in your dream to impact the world as a…

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Don’t Stop Trying To Reach Your Target Audience

You got brave and posted your message on several social media platforms describing the problem you solve and how you do it. You felt marvelous about doing it too. You know, after studying the outline from the freebie you got the other day on how to get out of your comfort zone and be known,…

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Is It Slow Growing Your Mailing List?


Perhaps growing your mailing list these last thirty days has been a great challenge.  To say the least it’s been a downright disappointment.   Your list has grown but you didn’t get the additional fifty subscribers you wanted.  Pat yourself on the back even if you got one add to your list.  You’re just starting…

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