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30 Minute “Next Steps” Work Smarter Strategy Session


Hey, Everyone!

Recently, I was reviewing my mailing list and noticed that there were a few subscribers who really stood out.

These subscribers were loyal…opening emails, registering for events, purchasing products and services, asking me about how they can market their business without working so hard while still reaching financial goals.

I decided to say thank you to those subscribers by offering a complimentary 30 Minute “Next Steps” Work Smarter Strategy Session, designed to help you determine what your top 3 immediate next steps are for you in your business in order to reach your goals this year and as we head into the New Year.

You are one of those subscribers!  I decided to offer this to you because I appreciate you opening and reading my emails and being in my community!  So congrats!  These sessions are usually $27 and you have won one for free.

So, here’s how the call will work:

  1. We’ll start by quickly catching up and getting to know each other (I like to be friends with the people I do business with).
  2. I will ask you to share something that’s working in your business, something we can celebrate (I like to set the stage for a positive call).
  3. We will talk about what’s going on in your business right now and what your goals are.
  4. I will help you get very clear on what your next steps are.
  5. You will ask me any questions you have about those steps, so I can make sure you leave the call 100% able to implement.
  6. We will talk about how we can continue to work together.
  7. I will send you a recap of our call via email.

Now that you know what to expect, I’m happy to invite you to schedule your 30-minute Next Steps Market Smarter Strategy Session by clicking HERE.





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Cash and Business

Cash is something you will need to operate a business.  If you want your business to survive and thrive you will need to purchase the necessary tools needed to keep it competitive. If money is an obstacle in the beginning for your business to get up and functioning there are options to consider:

Get an accurate account of your personal funds to make sure there is not a way you can come up with the money.

If you have a credit card maybe it would be sensible to use it as a loan to yourself.  However, I would not advise this if you can’t pay the balance in full the next month.

It’s a possibility you can convenience a family member or a friend to loan you the capital for the short term or they may even want to just invest in your dream.

The other option is crowdsourcing, putting up a go fund me page.  You may luck up to get donors that are delighted to see an entrepreneur’s start-up businesses that help others while helping themselves.

However, if all efforts fail you haven’t.  You can still write out and plan for your move from Corporate Mastermind to being your own boss, believe in your goal and continue to look for ways to fund its beginning.


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