Debra Benson

Here are three ways to get clarity back in the day to day tasks!

You may have tons of sticky notes posted all over the place on your desk, on manila folders, or even attached to your computer. You are so stressed all the time and you see clearly why.

You just want to relax and enjoy life while still getting everything done and on time.

What you need to do is clarify what need to be done first. So start by taking a close look at your to-do list. Three things to consider while doing this:

  1. Which task has to do with monthly profit projections? Don’t be putting unnecessary time into things that are not bringing in money.
  1. Review your marketing strategy. Make sure you are showing up as intended with your message.
  1. Take a look at your appointment schedule! Plan how to get people on a call with you.

Now, see which task need to be first, second and so forth.

★ Most importantly decide which task is STAT that needs to be done right now. Then, of course, move on to the next priority. ★

When you have a keen eye on your monthly profit needs, your marketing strategy, and how you plan to bring in new clients will help you be successful.

And yes, it’s always cool to have someone there to make sure you are on track, with your to-do list or just to help you with your marketing strategy. I have found this was so helpful in helping me to success with having a coach.

If you need my help in getting clarity in a particular area Marketing Message, Marketing Strategy or Business Clarity let’s get on a free 30 minute {NO Cost } Business Clarity Call together!



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