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Action steps for new and aspiring entrepreneurs

If you love PODCASTS you will love this one.  I chat with Sandy Mangis from the Joy of Success!  I share my perspective in helping new and aspiring entrepreneurs in mapping out their content strategies + action steps for Webinars, Blog Posts, and Social Media Posts for at least two weeks in advance.

Listen to the Show HERE!


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Free market strategy call

Congrats! I am offering you a free strategy call!

First I want to start by saying CONGRATULATIONS! If you’re not used to winning stuff, then this should be extra exciting for you.

Recently, I was reviewing my mailing list and noticed that there were a few subscribers who really stood out.

These subscribers were loyal…opening emails, registering for events, purchasing products and services, asking me about how they can create AN ATTRACTIVE OPT-IN and create at least TWO WEEKS of Content in Advance along with LIST BUILDING without working so hard while still reaching financial goals.

I decided to say thank you TO YOU and THOSE SUBSCRIBERS by offering a complimentary 30 Minute “Next Steps” Work Smarter Strategy Session, designed to help you determine what your top 3 immediate next steps are for you in your business in order to reach your goals ending this year and as we head into the New Year.

I have decided to offer this to you because I appreciate your support, opening and reading my emails and being in my community! So Congrats! These sessions are usually $27 and you have won one for free.

So, here’s how the call will work:

1. We’ll start by quickly catching up and getting to know each other (I like to be friends with the people I do business with).

2. I will ask you to share something that’s working in your business, something we can celebrate (I like to set the stage for a positive call).

3. We will talk about what’s going on in your business right now and what your goals are.

4. I will help you get very clear on what your next steps are.

5. We will talk about how we can continue to work together.

6. I will send you a recap of our call via email.

Now that you know what to expect, I’m happy to invite you to schedule your 30-minute next steps Market Smarter Strategy Session by clicking HERE.


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