Debra Benson

When Traffic Arrives To Your Door Step


When traffic arrives to your door step via your online business or your social media profile do they feel this is where I need to be?  This is what I’ve been looking for?  This is not so easily determined.  It takes monitoring over a period of time to figure this out, although, there are a couple of ways to make sure your arriving visitors do feel welcome and pleased they stopped by.

Make sure your message in your description and your about page has your personal story included with a few details about your journey on how it relates to the program you would like to offer and how your offer quenches your potential clients desire.

Test to see if you are creating value of relevance for their hunger and need.  You can do this by creating content such as a webinar, training videos, lists, eBooks’, etc. on a specific topic as a way to get their subscription to your newsletter where they will receive more great information to help them reach their business growth and development.

Visitors arriving to your door step where ever they find you online will gladly return to your site, be a returning client if your message resonates with them and the content you create show them a way to scale their business as well.

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